Design, whether good or bad, is in everything that surrounds us. Some may see it more easily than others, some might like something and some might not. Then there are those who see design in everything and make of it our way of life.


Designers have an innate impulse to create, but for that we need to first observe, and nothing like the experience of travel to help us observe, learn and boost our creative drive. Curiosity is the motivational energy of the designer and the one that carries him or her from one place to the other, always searching for the limit of the existing realm only to give one more step, towards innovation. It is said that the constant exposure to new situations leads to the loss of our ability to feel awe, but I’m not anywhere near that point. What’s more…my curiosity seems to get hungrier and hungrier with each experience.


The designer also uses his or her everyday experiences not only as an inspiration but also as an experimentation field and an opportunity to develop creativity.



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